Dominic Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Margate.

Drawing together photography, sculpture and other disciplines, he focuses on the interaction between humans and the environment, order and chaos, the sublime and the mundane.

Particularly interested in the perception of value, his work deals with the function and dysfunction of everyday objects and materials, as well as their transformation and status between art objects and mere things. Finding a particular beauty in discarded and overlooked items, he invites the audience to explore this vibrant and creative landscape.

‘I see it as being about the malaise that has gripped us since the end of the century and intensified since the financial crisis of 2008. In Britain at least, the incredible social and economic changes post war created a massive improvement in the general standard of living and a misguided level of aspiration. Now we have huge challenges as our history, our demands and our desires catch up with us. The work I make is focused largely on this lost utopia.”

Dominic Rose is also interested in horticulture and the environment. He is a passionate distance cyclist, beekeeper, gardener, caterer and forager. He is a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University and Goldsmiths.