The Mémoire, Things, is a record of my development and learning from 2021 to 2023 during the course Art Society Nature at The Margate School. It charts the progression in my work from photography into sculpture and other objects with questions around materiality, reproduction and value. Looking at Heidegger and Thing Theory, I examine how things respond to modification and reproduction.

Influenced by ecological, thinking I use compost and slime mould to explore the methodology which has developed in this period, in particular using non-human agency and non-human networks as a creative practice.

Amongst the text is a gallery of recent work as well as artefacts that have contributed. The document aims to act as a catalogue for the journey which has taken place.

The handmade book, is printed on Munken Design Rough Cream 120gsm, bound using silver plated copper wire, the silver plating recovered from used photographic fix.